Services Offered Details Sample Type
In vivo Studies
Acute Toxicity Studies (Rodents) as per DCGI Guidelines Synthetic compound/herbal extract/Nanomaterials/ medical formulations/etc.
Subacute Toxicity Studies (Rodents) as per DCGI Guidelines
Subacute Toxicity Studies (Non – Rodents Rabbits) as per DCGI Guidelines

In Vivo

Human need has propelled scientist to expand the horizon and spectrum of biological science.

Need has driven scientist to look for chemicals, herbal extracts, nanomaterials and many more to improve life style, health and environment. All this innovations converge at one point is bio safety and toxicity testing.
At GeneXplore, we have developed state of art facility to house rodents like Rat, Mice, Rabbit, Hamster, etc. Our expertise and long experience in handling animal model based assay is evident by our research publication and projects handled.

Conditions for Acceptance of test compounds

  • Solubility /Concentration of the compound should be provided.
  • In case of sterile compound given sterility will be checked according to laboratory standards and sterile compounds will be accepted for the assay.
  • Cost for Cell line based assay includes only for five groups (including positive control, control and test groups etc.).

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