Greetings from Genexplore,

    We hope you all are doing well. We have organized three days hands-on workshop on “Mammalian Cell Culture Techniques” on 4th to 6th May 2023 at Genexplore Diagnostics and Research Centre Pvt. Ltd. Please find the detailed brochure.

      At Genexplore we aim to provide services, training and collaborative research to the wider stakeholders such as hospitals, research institutes, college/universities and researchers/students.

      We have expertise in the technologies such as Karyotyping, FISH, Array-CGH, Cell-lines, Expression based Array-CGH, Clinical Genomics, Clinical Research, Research Sequencing, Infectious Diagnostics, Bioinformatics. Special focus on Research & Development in the Diagnosis of diseases, Design & Execute experiments based on Next Generation Sequencing, Microarray, PCR/RT-PCR, Multi-omics, Molecular data analysis, Cell-line based assays, Onco-panel development etc.

      We are collaboratively working with various academic institutions as well as pharma, biotechnology, diagnostics, genomics, and big data analysis companies throughout nation-wide and around the world.

      Please connect with us to explore ways that the Genexplore Team can help to facilitate and complete your research successfully.